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What Is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component Nail System that is applied over natural nails for added strength and dries instantly under a UVA light.

Bio Sculpture Gel History

  • Bio Sculpture Gel was created and founded in 1988 by Elmien Scholtz (then Greeff) after many years of searching for the ideal nail system
  • Bio Sculpture Clear Gel was the first gel ever created
  • Training of Nail Technicians and distribution to Salons in South Africa started soon after its creation
  • By 1992 Bio Sculpture Gel had 4 Colour Gels to add to the range, this was also when Bio Sculpture was first introduced to the international market
  • Introduced to Australia in 1996
  • Since then several other treatment gels have been developed and introduced to the market eg: S-Gel, Free Edge Gel and UV Top Coat Gel
  • The Colour Gel ranges now boasts more than 150 non-chip Colour Gels
  • Elmien Sholtz is still actively involved with Bio Sculpture Gel she continues to research and develop Bio Sculpture products (new colours and brands)
  • Bio Sculpture Gel is a South African product

Benefits of Using Bio Sculpture Gel

  • No fumes or odours
  • No primers or bonders required
  • Flexible but durable
  • Dries instantly under a UV unit
  • Permanent nail colour that will not chip
  • Free from Acrylics, Toluene, Formaldehyde, MMA and DBP
  • Bio Sculpture is the only nail care company in the world to receive a Five Star Safety Rating from industry body Farmovs Parexel for efficacy and tolerability
  • UV units have been tested and approved for safety by the Australian Radiation Laboratory and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • Simple and easy to use, self-levelling properties with minimal buffing
  • Compatible with other nail systems, can be applied over Acrylic and Fiberglass Products
  • Soaks off in 10-15 minutes with no damage to natural nails
  • No shelf life or expiry date
  • Easy to care for at home
  • Over 150 beautiful fashion colours

Become a Nail Technician or Update Your Skills With Refresher Training

The Bio Sculpture Training Courses are geared towards both Qualified Nail Technicians and Beginners. We offer comprehensive training, refresher courses and advanced workshops. Our courses run regularly and we will always endeavour to accommodate people as soon as possible.

We encourage Nail Technicians to improve their skills by learning new and advanced methods, giving you an opportunity to try the latest Bio Sculpture products and improve your services to your clients.

As a Company we honour every enrolled Technician, with our Bio Sculpture Gel "Lifetime Training" which includes free refresher classes.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technology Course

Cost $2,550 which includes the Bio Sculpture Kit over at $1,000. This is a structured 14 week course

(one half day over 14 weeks) enquire now

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